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How is physical different from legal custody?

Although the word custody seems easy to understand, in the legal world, this term can be used in conjunction with other descriptors like sole, legal, physical and joint to describe a variety of different arrangements.

A parent who is granted legal custody is the one who is designated as being responsible for making any and all decisions about the child's health, education and overall well being. It's most common for judges to award legal custody jointly to both parents so that they can share in making important decisions related to their shared child.

How do I know if I suffered a spinal cord injury in my car crash?

Some of the most profound spinal cord injuries often result from the body undergoing some type of abrupt, aggressive force to the spine. It can result in a fracture, compression, dislocation or crushing of at least one of your vertebrae. In some of the worst cases, if your spinal cord is severed, then you can experience either partial or complete paralysis.

Each year, at least 35 percent of all new spinal cord injuries happen as a result of motorist becoming involved in either a motorcycle or car crash. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one reason that those under the age of 65 suffer spinal cord injuries.

What are attributes I should look for in a divorce mediator?

During mediation, you might find yourself not just discussing emotional issues, but ones that are personal in nature or financially sensitive as well. This is why it's important that once you and your ex have decided that pursuing an amicable divorce through mediation is best for you, you'll want to find a mediator that you both can trust.

When you're interviewing potential mediators that you're looking to work with, you'll want to assess whether they come off as both genuine and honest. It's also important to find a mediator who's not just going to guide you toward a settlement, but also empowers the two of you to make decisions that you both can feel comfortable with down the road.

Reasons to consider mediation

When some parents wind up in divorce court in Houston, they are ready to tear each other’s throats out. They have lost sight of their kids and are ready and willing to do any and everything to keep the person they once loved from moving on with their lives. If you worry that your divorce situation will play out the same way, it is time for you to consider an alternative. 

Mediation is not an ideal solution for all ending marriages, but it can be very beneficial for couples who want to preserve their relationships for the sake of their kids. No matter how bad things are between you and your children’s other parent, you are still bound to each other for life. Here are some factors to consider about divorce and mediation

Fatal car crashes are on the rise across Houston

Researchers, working on a study commissioned by the Houston-Galveston Council, have found that accidents across the region during the past five years have increased by some 40 percent.

In 2012, there were 120,517 total motor vehicle crashes in the region. By 2016, they found that the number had increased by nearly 50,000. The number of car crashes occurring in Harris county alone rose by more than 40,000 during that same time frame.

Various reasons you may be able to request a custody modification

As a parent, it's completely normal for you to want the best for your child, which likely involves spending the majority of you time living with them. There's a fine line, though, between a justifiable reason to request a custody modification and an emotionally-charged, potentially frivolous one.

If you suspect that your child's life may be in some type of immediate danger when in the custody of his or her other parent, then a judge may consider it in the best interest of the child to remove them from that home. Any parent who has been accused or convicted of domestic violence risks being deprived of visitation of their child and losing the ability to have them stay in their home.

An alleged drunk North Houston driver crashes, kills passenger

An early Sunday morning two-car crash in Harris County resulted in a passenger's death and minor injuries for the occupants of the second vehicle. The fatal north Houston accident occurred just after midnight on Nov. 5 near the intersection of Airway Drive and Airline Drive.

Harris County deputies have said that witnesses reported having seen the driver of a Nissan Altima driving southbound at an excessive rate of speed along Airline Drive immediately prior to the crash. Soon thereafter, they noted that he appeared to lose control of his vehicle. It's then that he was seen entering the northbound lanes of that roadway before crashing head-on with an oncoming pickup truck.

Why mediation may be an ideal way to resolve your divorce

One recent estimate suggests that as much as 70 percent of all couples who file for divorce do so without first seeking out the guidance of a skilled attorney.

When it's their time to go in front of a judge to hear their case, one family law judge contends that they often tell him that they just want him to render decisions that are just and fair.

What kind of injuries are motorcyclists at risk of sustaining?

The lack of structure that motorcycles have is one of the main reasons many people enjoy riding them. Riders can feel more of the wind on their body and enjoy the excitement of the open road. As fun as riding a motorcycle seems, there is a dark side. There is less vehicle to shield the rider's body in a motorcycle accident

The risk of serious injury is an unavoidable aspect of being a biker. 

When might a child's wishes be considered in a custody dispute?

If you're seeking custody of your child, in some cases judges may look to your kids to ask them which parent they'd like to reside with more.

Whether a child will be called upon to testify at their own child custody hearing about their preferences largely depends on their level of maturity and age, although those aren't the only factors. How well he or she appears to be able to make informed decisions and articulate his or her feelings will play a role in whether his or her testimony is considered too.

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