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Costs that child support isn't intended to cover in Texas

Child support is generally paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent who retains primary physical custody to help cover the basis expenses associated with raising a child. Even if the noncustodial parent is ordered to pay the maximum support amount, though, it frequently falls short of covering all the extra expenses that arise in raising a child.

These added costs associated with raising a child that are not covered by child support include all of those that are are associated with their enrichment. The Texas Family Code outlines uncovered expenses by age group.

A 21-year-old bicyclist is killed in a Houston hit-and-run crash

A 21-year-old Houston woman was struck and killed while riding her bicycle just before 11:30 a.m., on Saturday, Oct. 7. The young woman had reportedly been riding in the outermost lane near near 6800 East Sam Houston Parkway when her bike was struck in the rear by a motorist.

Instead of stopping to render assistance to the woman, the motorist who is alleged to have struck her, simply drove off. Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Department relied upon witness statements and surveillance footage as a way of identifying the person believed to be responsible for the crash. Aside from charging that individual with hit-and-run, it's unclear what other charges that individual may face.

A woman is killed in a reckless driving crash along FM 529

A Houston resident was struck and killed as she was driving her Chevrolet Suburban eastbound along FM 529 early in the afternoon on Saturday, Sept. 16.

The decedent in this case had reportedly been nearing the roadway's intersection with Blenheim Palace Lane when the driver of a Dodge Ram pickup, who'd been driving wesbound, entered into oncoming traffic. The female decedent was in the process of slowing down in FM 529's center lane as the man entered it with his pickup and collided with the front of her vehicle.

Understanding spousal support in a Texas divorce

If a couple is considering divorce or is already in the process, the spouses must make several considerations. Financial stability and support is usually a large component of the asset division process.

Whether a spouse is looking to receive or may have to pay, there are a few key things that he or she should know about how the courts determine spousal support.

Relocating with your child as primary custodial parent

A parent deciding to relocate with his or her child to another state can make an already difficult custody situation even more contentious. Unless the parenting agreement the two of you drafted specifically speaks to relocations, then the prospect of a child being taken a long distance away from his or her other parent may be hard for him or her to take kindly to it.

Judges are generally asked to step in and make custody decisions when agreements don't mention what happens if a parent moves away. In cases like this, often state laws have been drafted that spell out when and what type of notification the custodial parent must give the other before a move is made. It might also include rules that must be followed for getting the other parent's consent as well.

Things to do before heading to your first mediation session

The thought of attending your first mediation session can be nerve wracking. You might be concerned over how your ex is going to act or what's going to be put out on the table that you're unprepared for. Luckily, if you enter the room armed with some insight as to what to expect, you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of others who've gone into it blind in the past.

One of perhaps the most important things you can do to ensure that you don't get caught off guard in the session is to bring a listing and even copies of the titles or deeds of any valuable assets you own. Among those valuable assets you might include on the list, you'll want to include any real estate, artwork, antiques or cars.

Texting and driving now illegal in Texas effective Sept. 1

A new law went into effect across Texas on Friday, Sept. 1, making it illegal to text and drive. The long-anticipated law now makes it legal for motorists to text while inside their vehicles only if they're stopped in a safe place, reporting a crime or emergency or using a hands-free device.

Any motorist who uses any portable, wireless device to either write, read or send an email while the car is in motion is considered to have violated this new law.

Who keeps the dogs when you get divorced?

Many dog owners expect that if they had the dog before marrying, then it'll automatically remain in their custody once the divorce is finalized. That's not necessarily the case though.

While it is important who the dog belonged to prior to the marriage, it also matters who took care of it during the marriage. If you can prove that you were its primary caretaker throughout the relationship, then the judge may rule it's in the dog's best interest to continue being taken care of by you.

Affect of a Texas divorce on your will

You work hard to procure and maintain your estate. Therefore, it is only right that you be able to properly designate who benefits from what you possess after you pass on.

If you divorce, you may wonder what will become of the parts of the estate that you previously left to your ex-spouse. You may find it surprising how a Texas divorce can affect your will.

A Harris County Deputy allegedly fails to aid car crash victims

It was announced on Wednesday, Aug. 23, that a deputy with Precinct 4 of the Harris County Sheriff's Office had been fired from his post. He stands accused of having witnessed, yet failed to report, a fatal crash the night of Saturday, Aug. 19.

The officer had reportedly been patrolling near 17600 Queenslake Drive at around 10 p.m. when he noted two young woman speeding past him in their car. It's then that he made a U-turn and began pursing the vehicle. As he was attempting to catch up with them, the driver of that vehicle lost control of her vehicle, crashed into a cement barrier, and flipped her car.

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