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Even if marriage wasn't pretty, divorce doesn't have to get ugly

There is an unfortunate situation many people across Houston have experienced: two spouses in a crumbling marriage, constantly fighting, deceiving each other and generally just making life miserable for each other. It's all enough to make one or both parties bitter, angry, depressed and vengeful.

However, as ugly as life might be in the weeks, months or years leading up to a divorce, it does not have to continue this way as you navigate the actual divorce process. In fact, getting divorced could actually be more peaceful than staying married, thanks to options like mediation.

Mediation is a process that allows divorcing spouses to work together to resolve divorce-related matters as opposed to fighting against each other. There are a number of benefits associated with mediation that can make it the more favorable -- and peaceful -- option if you are getting divorced.

  • It allows you to negotiate terms that fit your specific situation.
  • It requires you and your soon-to-be ex to work together, which sets a good example for your kids.
  • It places you both in less combative environments, which could facilitate compromise.
  • It can be much less expensive than litigation.
  • It could minimize feelings of anger and hostility, as both parties will have a say in resulting agreements.
  • It increases the chances that the settlement will be satisfactory to both people.
  • It can result in faster resolutions.

These benefits of mediation should not be minimized or overlooked, even if you and your ex are currently in an ugly part of your relationship and expecting (or hoping for) a battle. With some time and space, it can be easier to see the big picture and truly consider your priorities.

Your experience navigating the divorce process will have an impact on both spouses -- and your family -- long after a settlement is finalized. Because of this, it may be preferable to pursue more peaceful dispute resolution options. With the support of your attorney and the guidance of a mediator, you can work through the various elements of your divorce in pursuit of a better, happier future.

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